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Brief description of the organization

Established in 2009, the Karachi Institute of Kidney Diseases (KIKDA) became operational in 2017 through an MOU with the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation. In just three years, it has become the second-ranked public-sector institution for free dialysis and kidney services.

KIKDA has 60 advanced dialysis machines, performing over 170 daily sessions. The outpatient department treats around 28,000 patients annually, and the institute conducts various urological surgeries.

KIKDA offers separate wards, a daycare unit, and an HDU for patients. It’s also Karachi’s second-largest provider of free Lithotripsy treatment, successfully treating over 3,000 patients.

The radiology department provides free diagnostic services. In March 2023, a vascular surgery department was launched to address vascular issues in dialysis patients.


Construction of New ICU at KIKDA

The number of patients with chronic kidney disease CKD is increasing rapidly. Our existing Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is operating at full capacity, and the demand for critical care services is continuously increasing. Therefore, we have decided to construct a new ICU with an increased capacity of 16 beds.

By supporting the construction of a new ICU, you will help us enhance our capacity to treat severely ill patients, enabling us to save more lives and respond effectively to emergencies.