Gift USA

Brief description of the organization

Give Light Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian relief organization, established in Sunnyvale, California, USA in January 2005 by a group of young professionals. The foundation seeks to create durable orphanages and provide orphan care in response to natural disasters and extreme condition, like poverty and war. Since inception, Give Light has been able to operate primarily using volunteer talents in the US to generate awareness and funds for our global projects. Inspired by Islamic values we strive to help orphans across the globe regardless of nationality, race or religion.



After seeing atrocities committed to millions of innocent Syrian children, we knew we had to act fast and find a way to help. We started our work with Syrian orphans and refugees by visiting and providing them with over 17,500 blankets of love in Istanbul, Turkey. We are now sponsoring education for over 100 Syrian orphans and refugees in Istanbul! Still, our longing to do more has led us to yet another opportunity to help Syrian children – this time in Amman, Jordan.