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Brief description of the organization

JDC’s started working in 2009 from a small camp that provided rescue and disaster management services. It expanded its branches and succeeded to establish an effective infrastructure that deals with social services, and welfare nationwide. To manifest this into reality, JDC has been working tirelessly. Currently, it is implementing 89 successful projects which are aimed at developing peoples’ life through facilitating sector-specific development particularly health, poverty alleviation, disaster management, food, shelter, education, and social causes. Our team of dedicated professionals and volunteers are committed to making a positive impact in the lives of those who need help and support.


Free Educational System

JDC provides free education to children to develop their learning capabilities that focuses on various business and technical courses. JDC leverages expert psychologists, physical trainers, and arts & crafts specialists to help these children develop their skills that will aid them in their future careers.

Free Dialysis Center

JDC foundation has been working to serve people with medical illness of all kind. We aid people with dialysis need and other medical treatments to alleviate pain and sufferings. This Ramadan doesn’t let go of any chance in serving humanity and assists us to take our movements forward. We work hard to bring happiness and better healthcare services in the lives of people in need.